Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

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Drunken Boxing is an exciting boxing game with ragdoll physics and easy-to-learn controls. In Drunken Boxing, the Drunken Boxers come to the field and attempt to take out one another. You can make speedy punches in the game, yet keep an eye out for your Energy Bar! Assuming that you run out of energy, it will take some time for you to recuperate. Definitely you will be defenseless in this present circumstance. So remember to compute your energy while deciding your battling system!

Prepare your fists and get ready for some awesome 2 player fun! In this game you control two different boxers at the same time. You’ll need fast reaction speed, good strategy, and a lot of courage to beat your opponent in this cool fight game.

In this 2 Player game you and your friend will fight each other with all your might. These drunken boxing fighters are really stubborn and won't give up until someone acknowledges defeat. Use this helpful strategy to beat your opponent! 

In this 2 player game, you can choose from 5 different fighters with different skills and strengths. Each fighter has a special attack that you can use to your advantage. The goal is to knock out your opponent within the given time limit. You can also play in Time Attack mode, where you just have one minute to deliver as many punches as possible. 

This is the most challenging and intense 2 player game you’ll ever play! DRUNKEN BOXING is a fast paced, action-packed boxing game where you control a stickman character and fight against your friend in an epic duel. You get to punch, dodge, block and throw crazy jabs and hooks while trying not to fall down or get knocked out. Sounds easy? Give it a try and find out how challenging it can be.

How to play

PLAYER 1: "ARROW KEYS" PLAYER 2: "W,A,S,D" You can use the left and right sides on touch screens.