Desire IO

Desire IO

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Desire io is a first-person shooter game with multiplayer modes. Compete in tournaments to show off your combat skills and level up your player character. In this brand new 3D FPS game you have a wonderful opportunity to play as an octopus and defend your home from treacherous intruders. Your task is to hunt down all the enemies and eliminate them before they get a chance to destroy your colorful home. To do that, you need to sneak up on them quietly, surprise them from behind and shoot them with your ink gun.

The game takes place in a beautiful blue ocean where there are many hidden passages for you to discover. You’ll come across numerous enemies such as crabs, sharks, and other creepy sea creatures but don’t worry, they won’t chase after you once you ambush them. Beware of their attacks though or you might find yourself swimming back home with one less life left! 

It’s time to kill again! Are you ready to improve your aiming skills and be the best sniper? Then read this article: we are happy to introduce you the best 3D FPS games with shooting, sniper and aim in it. Play alone or with friends and be the winner of each match. 

Players compete to shoot other players in this IO game. Each player is assigned a different role such as hunter, healer or sniper in order to win the game and emerge victorious. The more you practice shooting and aiming, the more success you will have when playing.

In today's article, we will tell you about a new game with the theme of the futuristic world called "Desire io". The world is in a state of unrest. The current balance between the three forces of evil, neutral, and good has been broken. 

How to play

Moving - WASD Shooting - Left mouse button Aiming - Right mouse button Changing weapons - Mouse Wheel Jump - Space Sit down - C Running - Shift to the left You can also change the controls in the game settings.