Cyberpunk: Resistance

Cyberpunk: Resistance

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Cyberpunk Resistance is a first-person shooter game in which you play as a rebel part of the resistance against the police who have surrounded you. The game puts me in command of the police, who must effectively combat the city's rampant crime. To accomplish this, you must form a special unit of cyber fighters who will patrol the city streets and apprehend the criminals.

Join the last warriors of humanity in their fight for liberty against the machines built by your forefathers! These robots became conscious and built armies to destroy your race, but you still have one last chance to reverse everything. Join a group of survivors and set out on a battlefield constructed among the tall buildings of a futuristic city, protecting your comrades as they protect you. Use every opportunity to shoot the androids while avoiding being shot.

Crouch between platforms, sneak around, and if possible, headshot the enemy! You are compensated for each successful mission, so remember to check the shop between games to see if there are any new options. You can always return to this shop to obtain new weapons, equipment, and characters. Work together with your soldiers to save the world and protect future generations from the wrath of robots!

How to play

WASD - move Left-click - shoot Mouse wheel - switch weapons L-shift - run Space - jump Double space - use jet pack C - crouch