Brutal Battle Royale

Brutal Battle Royale

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Brutal Battle Royale is a 1-player Shooters game with a Battle Royale theme. Choose from one of 20 different characters, find weapons and eliminate the other contestants. You can also play this wonderful and bloody game for free and online. You're alone, armed with a handgun and a knife, in the middle of a field full of opponents waiting to shoot you down. Go find them and blast their heads off one by one until you're the only one left.

To complete your mission, gather weapons and try to kill them all as quickly as possible while without harming yourself. How quickly can you complete the slaughter? Browse the area and kill anything and everyone that comes your way, or you'll become a victim yourself shortly. Are you all set? Discover the truth, and good luck in Brutal Battle Royale!

This amazing game is a 3D first person shooter game with up to 20 players at once, in a large battlefield. You will have to find weapons and ammo to shoot your enemies, or sneak around them to take them out silently. Players must be aware of their surroundings, collect all the useful items, find good hiding places and kill other players until you are the last one standing. 

This amazing game is a first-person shooter game that pits players against one another in an epic battle to the death. In this last man standing game, you must find weapons and ammo scattered throughout the battlefield in order to survive. Strategize your attack and strike when weaker opponents least expect it to increase your chance of winning. 

Brutal Battle Royale is a 3D first-person shooter with challenging game mechanics, multiplayer action, and a collection of unique guns, perks, and abilities.  This one is a fast-paced shooter with unique gameplay. It's you vs 19 opponents in a battle to the death. You need to find the hidden items and use them against your enemies while surviving their attacks. 


How to play

WASD - Move. LMB - Shoot. Mouse Wheel - Change weapons. R - Reload. F - Use. P - Pause. Space - Jump.