Bouncy Race 3D

Bouncy Race 3D

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The 3D race game that will make you feel like you're running really fast. Fun Race 3D is a running contest game where you should beat different contenders and arrive at the end goal. You can utilize powerup and a fun trampoline to assist you with being the first in the opposition.

Prepare to hop and skip through distances in Bouncy Race 3D! You are running a long distance race with 15 others in a course explicitly intended for you to cooperate for certain articles and promoters. This exceptional course will lead you to an end goal where you are supposed to complete in the initial three rankings to continue on toward the accompanying levels. Could you at any point run as quick as possible and hop unreservedly to dominate the race?

In this race, attempt to be in front of your adversaries by never halting and running as quick as possible. At the point when you start, you ought to give your personality a move by moving your mouse as forward as possible. Along these lines, you will be running at your quickest pace. Before long, you'll have a few items before you. You ought to avoid these items to not be dialed back by them. The most awesome aspect of this fun game is that every so often you will have trampolines on which you can leap to be skipped off a significant part of the track. This will sure bring you in front of numerous different opponents. Remember to gather the enhancers to acquire additional speed. At the point when you finish the platform among the initial three rankings, you can move further in the game to get into new tracks. Prepare to move your personality as decisively as could really be expected, and all the more significantly, attempt to land back on the platform after you skip off the trampolines or you'll be dispensed with.

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Fun Race 3D - Welcome to astonishing 3D race between a huge number. Continue running and evade the moving items and different obstacles on the track and make a point to gather the enhancer to acquire additional speed and rout your rivals. Play Bouncy Race 3D!

How to play

Usung Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump