Battles of Seas

Battles of Seas

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Sea Battle is a board game that everyone has loved since they were kids, but it has some new features. Online multiplayer! Fight other players from around the world!

When you think of it, the word “battleship” conjures up images of medieval warfare and ancient Greek invasion. In short, imagine a metal battleship that can shoot fireballs and rain destruction down on its enemies. Well, guess what? That’s exactly what a point-and-click game called Battles Of Seas does! You take on the role of an English merchant ship that is attacked by pirates off the coast of India. As you fight your way back to the English port where you took in those awesome cannons and arrow slings, you have to hit your targets with deadly force and streak towards your destination without being shot at from all sides. There are noFollowers or checkpoints here; you just have to be as strategic as Stratonexos' badass captain to complete every level successfully! 

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battlefield of seas Rated 4 out of 5 stars This is an AWESOME add-on which makes it so much easier to play the game. It was only when i realised how much it cost & how much time i spent on my phone that i realized how much better this game is without ADS. Not all add-ons are created equal but this one by far exceeded my expectations. If you're new to the game or just want to get a feel for it, give it a go! It's not difficult, and being able to launch the app from any menu means you won't get caught up in yourself if you accidentally shoot your gun in the wrong direction. The only negative is that it can be very slow at times, but that's because its such an old game & not something which has changed much recently (depends on what version you have). 

Gun Barrel Academia: Action and Adventuregame Gun Barrel Academy: The Students of is a point and Click adventure game for android mobile phones, PC, iPhone and iPad. In this game you take the role of a student who has been turned down for a scholarship to a top university because there are no men in her class. 

Turkey is home to many of the Barbarians' most ancient enemies. The Byzantines, Persians, Sarmatians, Goths and Huns. These ancient enemies all fought one another for over a thousand years. And, yet, in the end, no enemy was able to take Constantinople by storm. History repeats itself, only this time it'sunder our noses! So where do we fight? In this blog we discuss some of the most important battles of the ages from world history. 

How to play

Use the left click of the mouse to aim and shoot on a PC. How to Use Your Phone or Tablet: Touch the screen to aim, then let go to fire. Collect coins and use them to improve your ship and weapons so you can kill every enemy. By fighting other players, you can also unlock new parts and tools.