Battle Royale Noob vs Pro

Battle Royale Noob vs Pro

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Battle Royale Noob vs Pro is a Battle Royale-style game in which you assist Noob in becoming the last man standing on the battlefield. Begin playing online!

Did you know that there are people who have reached the final 20 on any of the Battle Royale games? That’s right. It’s not just you struggling to stay alive at the top of a hill with 29 other players trying to shoot you down. There are some people that are so good at this game, they can even win it.

In this video I will show you how pro players beat a noob in the challenge cases game. The noob is me and the pro player is my friend who explained me how to do it, but actually it wasn’t easy for him. 

Everybody knows the pros. They’re the streamers that are always in the top 10 and slaying you with their advanced strategies every time you queue up as a duo. 

How to play

To move, use the left virtual joystick (or WASD). To shoot, use the right virtual joystick.