Battle of Orcs

Battle of Orcs

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Battle of Orcs is a real-time strategy game in which players deploy forces in real time. The goal is to use orcs to demolish the opponent's base. To create an effective attack force, try different combinations of units. The greatest strategy to win a battle is to choose the correct units at the right time. 

Clash of Orcs is an online strategy game in which you must defend your castle in a fantasy country where many distinct orc countries are at odds. At the same time, you'll be able to defeat your opponent so thoroughly that he'll never assault you again. On the screen, there will be a deck of warrior cards from which you can choose. Aside from Orcs, skeletons, dragons, and minotaurs are also available. You won't be sending them into battle as often as you'd want because they're a little more expensive. Individual fighters can be upgraded in the menu to improve their health or fire rate. So come on out and have some fun!

In the Battle of Orcs, you will play as a powerful Orc Leader and lead your troops to victory. This is not going to be an easy battle. You will face other Orc war leaders in this awesome strategy card game. In order to win the battle, you will have to use various strategies and tactics at different times during the battle. It won’t be easy, but if you are clever enough and careful enough, then there is a chance that you might just succeed! Orcs are strong warriors who love battles. They are brave and always willing to defend their lands against any invader. They form such powerful armies that they can easily crush any foe. To meet their enemies on equal terms, other races also train their soldiers hard so they can also stand up against them in future wars. 

The Battle of Orcs is a CCG (Collectable Card Game) about fighting different kinds of evil creatures, called Orcs. Eredin, the leader of the dark forces sends his minions to invade Dennaville and bring terror and destruction in every corner of the small town. Your goal is to put an end to their plans and save Dennaville. The game plays in rounds. Each round, you'll need to choose one unlocked card from your deck, which will be played face-up on the table for all players to see. Then you'll use your resources (in this case, dice) to attack or defend against your opponent's cards. 

Battle of Orcs is a BETA (in development) card game for mobile devices that combines strategy, action and fun. In the game you take control over an army of orcs and fight against other player’s armies to win the battle. You are a mighty warrior bent on conquest. The battle has begun and only your skills as a commander will determine the victor. You can choose from eight different Orc Captains and lead your troops into battle against other players. Succesful commanders earn gold as well as reputation points by commanding their troops in combat maneuvers. 

Battle of Orcs is a strategic card battle game. You will be able to control 9 different orcs and fight with your opponent in this strategy card battle game. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s life points to 0. This is possible by attacking with your own orcs, or by reducing the life points of your opponent’s orc with spells and traps from your hand. 

Battle of Orcs is a fast-paced card game for two players. Players take turns drawing cards and playing as the heroic or evil forces of Middle-earth. With each turn, more Orcish Doom is added to the board, threatening to unbalance the game. 

How to play

Tap on cards to deploy units