Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917

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Battalion Commander 1917 is a shooting action game with a World War I theme. Cross into enemy territory to locate and destroy a massive enemy machine.

In the First World War, battalions were the smallest units which contained soldiers from a single company. If a battalion commander was lucky, he often led 50 men in combat. As a result, many battalion commanders became heroes in their own right. The Battalion Commander game is a fast-paced action shooter that takes place during the Great War. 

Let’s see how good are you when it comes to shooting and making strategies. In this cool new action shooting game, your mission will be to lead your men and upgrade them with the help of different resources. Improving their skills and strength is essential if you want to win! 

Command a battalion of soldiers and lead them to victory! Battalion Commander is a WW1 strategy game where you command an elite squad of soldiers. Your goal is to destroy the enemy headquarters while also defending your own. 

This is a shooter game with a fresh new take on the WWI theme. The old-school graphics have been replaced by pixel art, and the action is much more fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging. 

This is a shooter game, based on the Battle of Passchendaele. You command an infantry battalion, and your task is to lead them through the hellish battlefield of Flanders and bring as many of your men back home as possible. Upgrade your soldiers with better weapons, take care of their needs and tackle various challenges that stand in your way. 

How to play

Your mouse/finger is followed by the squad. To activate the skill (if it has been purchased), use the left mouse button or tap the skill button.