Bank robbery

Bank robbery

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Bank robbery - Get ready to take on the world's most wanted gun dealers in this third-person shooter. You are a Special Ops sniper who needs to get rid of their last remaining stockpile of are so many gun dealers in the city you will need more than one, but your enemies are only willing to help if you give them some money. Shoot down all the bad guys and take their guns for yourself, or sell them to other sidekicks and help out your friends. Choose from a huge array of weapons and armor options throughout the single player campaign, which comes with tons of bonus content, challenges, and unlockables. The gun fighting is realistic and intense, with hit points that steadily rise until you end up dead or unconscious. 

Unless you are willing to go through the bitter end of being on the receiving end of a gun, don’t experiment with guns. In fact, it is best to avoid shooting anything that could fire projectiles at you. The more sensitive you are to the impact of your own shots, the less likely you are to accidentally shoot someone else before they’re able to react and hit you first. With that being said, if you must own a gun, I recommend that you save it for self-defense or other close encounters where there is a good chance that no one else can see or hear what happens - especially when there is no time to think about it. 

GUNNAR ROOSEVELT is a likable guy, who thinks alike. That’s why he’s the host of “Hoarding: The Gamesoloan” on HBO. And now, for your Halloween ghoulish fun — what could be more fitting than watching Roosevelt hijack a gun for his own purposes? Come December 31, he will execute his plan for him and his girlfriend Robyn Bergman by murdering them all. The mystery remains as to who this man is going to kill first — himself or his friends. It would make sense that Robo-Roosevelt would do it first since he’s the type of person who never takes no for an answer and intends on doing everything in his power to get what he wants. 

The Price is Right : This hack and slash action game takes you on a journey through the land of New York in an attempt to become the king of the hill. 

How to play

WASD - move Left-click - shoot Right-click - iron sight Mouse wheel / 1-5 - change weapons Left-shift - run Space - jump C - crouch E - take weapons