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Description is a 3D browser racing game that was built to be played on the internet. It's a multiplayer battle royale that's perfect for killing time with friends, and it has a free trial so you can play before you commit. It features ragdoll physics, power-ups, online multiplayer, and so much more! Explore a colorful world full of surprises and defeat your friends in a battle royale! Whether you want to battle, race, or chill out with some puzzles, AstroDud is the perfect game for you!

AstroDud is a multiplayer racing game where you can play with others all over the world! Race your vehicle around an obstacle-filled 3D environment, driving your friends off the map with the most impactful ragdoll physics in io games. Compete to survive in high intensity, fast-paced battles with up to 100 other players. AstroDud is free to play and has no in-app purchases.

The most relaxing and mind-bending 3D racing game out there. Race against friends and strangers online in a variety of modes like race, battle, and ragdoll race. Download now for free!

How to play

Move your astronaut through the map using W A S D keys

Push players by pressing E

Jump by clicking the space bar

Look around by moving your mouse