Amazing Strange Rope Police

Amazing Strange Rope Police

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Are you ready to be a real police officer? This game is the best police simulator game. Police 3D is a 3D game with action and adventure. There is no need that you are interested in games. This game is perfect for you. You are the police in this simulator game. You are the best police officers who protect and serve the people. This game is developed for the people who want to be a police officer. Now you are the police officer in this simulator game. You need to stop the criminals in this game. There are many criminals who want to do harm to the people. You need to stop them in the best way. Do not worry, you are a good police officer who knows how to handle the criminals. You have powerful weapon in your hands. You are going to shoot the criminals to protect the people from them. This is the best police simulator game. Good Luck.

Feel like playing a fun rope game? In this game, you are a rope hero and you will have to destroy the bad guys by using your rope. There are many strange enemies that you can face in this game. Use your rope wisely to destroy them all. You will have to complete many levels of this rope game to become a rope hero. 

A strange rope hangs from a tree in the middle of nowhere. The area around is covered in trees, rocks and bushes. There are also a few road signs here and there. But this place is completely deserted. Except for the strange rope. It seems to be leading to somewhere. Maybe someone has left a trail of clues for you to follow? Maybe it's just a piece of rope someone threw away? Or maybe it's something much more sinister? You have to take a closer look and figure out what it is. That is, if you can survive the deadly traps and hostile creatures that lurk in this strange forest. You're in a dangerous place. This is no ordinary forest. And you are not ordinary people. You are brave and heroic heroes, who have gathered here to combat the evil forces that threaten the world. Your mission is to find out who is behind all the strange happenings in this area. Are there any clues left to give you a lead in this mystery? Or is it just a bunch of nonsense? You'll have to unearth the truth and bring peace to the

The police are your sworn partners and protectors who fight evil at all costs. But, what if there are more evil policemen than you can handle? This game is about more than just shooting bad guys. It’s a platform game where you play as a different type of cop at each level. The more evil cops you shoot, the more money you get to upgrade your weapons.

Have you ever wondered how the police got their powers? Well, in this game you can do just that. The police are using strange weapons and it’s up to you to stop them. Can you use your strange weapons to defeat the police? Be careful: there is a huge boss at the end of this level. And it’s not just any boss. It’s a giant boss! But the police have even stranger weapons. Can you use those weapons to defeat the huge boss? Strategy and skill are essential in this game, so start training now. And don’t forget, you have only one life!

How to play

Controls WASD or arrow keys: move T: open nearby garage Q: shoot web Right click: laser Left click: shoot or punch Space bar: jump Left shift: run X: switch weapons F: open car R: open nearby shop G: grenade Z: switch grenade C: switch vehicle camera Garbage truck controls Pitchfork up: Z Pitchfork down: X Dump start: Q Dump end: E Lift container: space